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    Richard G. Clark

    "During the summer months while in college and while teaching in high school, I held several positions, none of which are particularly significant from an employment experience stand point, yet astronomically important from a writing perspective. They included serving as a cashier in the mutuals for the Beulah Park Jockey Club (Grove City, OH) during the racing season from 1936 through 1940; making ice cream for the Telling Belle Vernon Company; acting as a warehouseman at the Columbus General Depot; waiting table at Hennicks (OSU) and working as a painter on a bridge crew for the Ohio State Highway Department.

    In September, 1940, I commenced teaching at the high school in Grove City, Ohio.  I taught history, civics and economics, assisted with, and later coached the football team.  In November, 1942, I entered the military service, and was honorably discharged in September, 1945. During this time I served as an investigator in the Army Intelligence Section in Miami Beach, Florida. My duties included interviewing foreign born military personnel, establishing a counter subversive unit which included personal investigation of potentially subversive civilian and military personnel.  I eventually was transferred to Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio where I commenced supervising the supply unit for the Post Utilities Office."  If you have found these words to be of intrigue and have a curious nature to as what occurred after my honorable discharge, purchase my autobiography Torts and Dry Martinis

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